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About Us

Vision & Mission Statement

  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Sole Motto
  • Customers are the live wire of Banking and without them banking will not have any Meaning.
  • Let’s Join hands together, let’s make tomorrow better.
  • Your Trust is our Asset.
  • Do the best for Better Future.

Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives of the Gramina yuvajana vikas producer company limited.

Profit Motive

Yes, Profit earning and Wealth maximization is the prime motto of every business organization. Bank is also having the same concept of goals and objectives, even though it is a Producer Company. Apart from this primary objective, the Bank is also having so many secondary objectives. In this way, every year the Bank is fixing certain goals to achieve during that period.

Wealth Maximisation

The Bank is expecting that, the Net worth had to reach Rs.100 Crores

Asset & Liability Management

The Bank is mainly concentrating in the area of funds management. The theme of the funds management is to adopt a proper Asset & Liability Management System, which enables to invest the funds with the criteria of Profitability, Liquidity and Security.

Surplus Cash Management

The Bank may lose in terms of profits by holding surplus cash and bank balances. So, the Bank is cared about the cash and bank balances, which is averagely maintaining about 3.50 % on its Net Time & Demand Liabilities. This is only 0.50% more than the required Cash Reserve Ratio.

Build up Quality Loan Asset Portfolio

The main objective will be to build up good quality loan asset, which will earn an average yield of 13.00 % p.a. The profit and profitability of the Branches will improve by building good quality and high yielding loan portfolio. The Bank is targeting to increase the advance from 300 crores to 400 crores.

Increase the Non-Interest Income

21st Century is the era of Service Competition in the Banking field. So, obviously the Banks should have to concentrate on better services especially in the field of Non-Credit related services like DD, Pay Orders, Safe Deposit Lockers, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credits etc.

Reduce the Operating Cost

The Bank plans to decrease the total operating cost. Considerable increase in the cost of operations line, printing & stationary and salaries of the staff has been noticed in the previous years. If the operating expenditure is more than 200 % on the Non-Interest Income, it casts a burden on the major interest margin. So, in this way the Bank is trying to bring down this rate and anticipating it may around 150 %.

Focus on Recovery

Quality of the loan assets will have a major impact on the profit & profitability of the Bank. Therefore, focus on recovery of all the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) is very much required and also including overdue accounts.

To Absorb Technology at a Faster Pace

Bank is providing Core Banking Facilities to its Customer and planning to provide ATM, Mobile Banking & Internet Banking shortly.

Innovative Services

Innovation is the key for the success in the competitive market. Therefore, the Bank aims at innovating new services, which will increase the speed of response, commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative thinking, which renders confidence on its delivery capabilities. In this development, Bank is offering many innovated facilities to its customers, viz., Fast Cheque Collection facility, Quick sanction of Pledge, Gold, NSC/LIC Loans, Letter of Credits, etc. The Bank is also processing to provide the ATM facility to its customers. In this process, it is discussing with New Private Sector Banks for providing ATM facility, under which a customer can withdraw his money in any ATM point of that Bank.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Bank aims at improving the customer satisfaction by offering services that have high potential for sustained relation by Seven Days Working, Customer Convenience Timing, Extended Time Service, Quick Response, Smooth Co-ordination, Attractive Interest Rates, Computer Printed Pass Books etc.

Focus on Skill Development

Banking is becoming increasingly complex, due to constant change. Every function today needs highly specialized skill. The Bank plans to increase the skills to handle tomorrow’s situation successfully through Trainings, Development programmes to its Human Resources with aim to build them as a competent workforce in the emerging complex scenario. In this context, Bank is sending its staff to the programmes on the Banking activity, conducted by various organizations, viz., Reserve Bank of India.